Welcome to the first smart
Initial Coin Offer and Token Launch platform!!!

Leading the pack is
always a tough task,

and here we are leading the race to bring the first-ever smart ICO platform.

ICOTIN is a highly customisable
Initial Coin Offer and Token Launch platform.

We understand the challenges faced during token launch and make the launch process easier, saving valuable time and resources providing specialised and customised services.

Idea Validation

We analyze your products/service and advice to develop a successful campaign. Lead your project to mass adoption and gather response from the cryptocurrency community.

Smart Contract Deployment

We create smart contracts based tokens and intuitive dashboard to manage token distribution. We govern the security and maintain resilience fo more comprehensiveness.


We make the world aware of your ICO. Attract investors from different walks of the finance world.


ICOTIN enables companies and project teams to raise funds for projects via token sale to investors. ICOTIN provides the solution to the challenges associated with the ICO’s for the token issuer, as well as, the token buyer. The platform makes token launch and contribution hassle free.

  • Full Customisation
  • KYC Compliance
  • Multiplatform Support
  • Bounty Campaign Management
  • Investment Analytics
  • Immediate Token Distribution

Advance Services
giving you full control!

Turn-key, customisable platform for project teams to reach investors and raise funds. Teams can customize or use standard templates for ICO with multiple rounds and discount offerings. Investors can safely and simply invest.

ICOTIN provides services to project teams right from ideation to final token distribution and management. ICOTIN works with teams to validate ideas, pick the right funding strategy, document, manage crowd sale, distribute tokens and audit technology.

Idea Validation

We analyse your product/service and provide advice to develop a successful campaign.

Website development

We build the crowdsale website and user dashboards for your campaign.

Smart Contract deployment

We create the smart contract that issues tokens and provide the dashboard to manage the token distribution.


We make everyone aware of your ICO.

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